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    M7350 - cannot access web management page.

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    hi, i cannot access the web management page.

    only a blank page shows up. the tab is titled "undefined".

    this has been working fine for 2 years of owning the M7350. Then this morning it won't allow me to access the page

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    I'm having the same trouble. Did you solve it?

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    Hi polemax

    i fixed it by holding the reset button.

    I tried this method initially though it didnt work. what you need to do is get a slim and firm object to press and be able to hold down on the reset button. you will hear a click when you press it, then you hold it down for 10 seconds.

    i hope you fix your problem and remember, for me pressing the reset button does not work - you need to to firmly hold it down for around 10 seconds.

    all the best

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    Thanks for help


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