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    HS-105 Time and Date Issue

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    I've been using the HS-105 for about 3 weeks now. For the first week or so, my schedules seemed to be functioning as expected (as far as I could tell since I wasn't home for some of the switching events), however yesterday afternoon (March 31, 2017), I noticed that my plug was following the weekend schedule.

    I went into the Kasa app and looked at the settings for this plug and, sure enough, I found that it thought that it was April 29, 2017.

    I switched the time zone back and forth and after that, the date showed up correctly, but only for an hour or so, at which point it reverted back to the April date.

    So I proceeded to perform a factory reset. I set my schedules back up and everything looked normal for a little bit until my schedule didn't fire as expected again. I checked in the app and this time, I found that the plug thought that the date was February 27, 2017.

    Where is the HS-105 getting its time/date info from and how can this be fixed?

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    I was just coming to these forums to find a fix for this exact same issue. Now I'm wondering if it was on their end and not my hardware.

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    Same issue here on my HS105, date is off by 3 days.
    I contacted TP-Link and they told me to try these 2 things

    1. Change the timezone (to a wrong one), wait for a little bit then change back to the correct time zone.
    2. If that doesn't work update the firmware. I am using 1.06 firmware. Which is the current version ( i believe) so not sure why they said this.

    I tried changing the time zone, then back again and it didn't fix the problem.

    Hopefully TPlink link will fix this issue soon!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crobert2005 View Post
    Same issue here on my HS105, date is off by 3 days.
    I unplugged mine from the wall, waited a few seconds, then plugged it back in. It reset the time after that. So far it hasn't lost the time again.


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