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    Help please before I go insane

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    I hope this device is as good as the reviews say because so far TP link has the worst website I have ever come across. It says to register the produce for an extra 1 year on the warranty but I can't find where to do this. I have downloaded the app but it won't let me in as it says wrong username and password but I can't find anywhere to set up a username and password. I tried to register for online help and it just says all advisors are busy. I tried to email for help and after filling out all the questions it said message failed!! Can anyone help before I go crazy??

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    The username/password are the same as your login credentials for the web management page (both admin by default). If you have forgotten them, you can reset the device manually then either use the default login credentials or set a new password.

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    I had the same problem


    user - admin

    password - admin

    it will then prompt you to enter your own

    i found this out by googling, because, like you said their website is garbage!!!

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    Thanks for that, just need to work out where to register for the 3rd year warranty now!! At least the device is working brilliantly so I'm happy.


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