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    EAP Controller Software

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    I installed a EAP(115) Network over Powerlan in our hotel.
    It works so far, not so bad.
    I dont have a office in the building, cause its just a guest building with rooms, now i removed my laptop from there, after finishing setup.
    But now can i reach the controll center now from my office PC?
    i installed it there, but i cant log in, he just wants me to setup a new Network(SSID and password, bla)

    thanks for a help

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    Assuming the EAP Controller software is installed on the office PC, you'd need to forward port 8043 on your internet router to the office PC, then you could access the controller via http://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:8043/ (where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is your hotel's public IP address).

    For security reasons I would recommend disabling the port forwarding when you don't need it, if possible. While there aren't any (to my knowledge) exploits against the EAP Controller web server, best practice is to minimize attack vectors

    If you don't want to do the port forwarding thing, you could also move the EAP controller to an AWS-hosted instance for ~$6-14 month, where you can use their IAM security settings to control who has access to the web server. See this FAQ article for instructions on setting up EAP Controller in AWS, I've also written an article about how to hack a valid SSL certificate into the EAP controller so you can get the green padlock icon when connecting to it (assuming you have a domain name to point at its IP address). The SSL hack can work whether you end up hosting the controller via AWS or keep it on your office PC, as long as you have a domain name to point at either the AWS elastic IP or your hotel's public IP.

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    ah ok!
    Or is there a app version for my tablet, when i log in in guest house wifi, can i reach it with this?
    Or i simple take my laptop, where it was originaly setup to reconnect? perpaps its easyer, i dont need to change things all time.
    thanks anyway


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