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    AP500 - Can the AP500 have same SSID for different bands in AP mode?

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    Hi all, Im new here.
    I think that my question is the same of sbytl in this thread, without any response, and I couldn't find any similar answer in other thread or FAQ.

    Under AP mode, can the AP500 be configured to have the same SSID in 2,4GHz and 5GHz band, so that it can simultaneously provides the 2 bands with band steering?
    If not, then different bands need different SSID, clients on different SSID can see each other?
    Thanks in advance

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    First of all i did not test that.

    Since you are running AP and not multiSSID mode the SSIDs are all on the same network.
    So the wireless clients should see each other through the AP even on different bands.

    Running the same SSID on different bands should also be possible. I had that in multiSSID mode.
    Itīs a bit less practical since you canīt see very fast if you are connected with 2,4 or 5ghz.
    I ended up using "networkname" plus " 2g" or " 5g" and even different secrets to get more connection control.

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    Sorry for the short answer, yes it can and works fine (tested).


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