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    Issues with Away mode,on hs105

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    I can't get "away" mode to stick on my android phone or to work at all on my iPad. On android, I can start away mode, but any action, such as returning to the app's home screen or the phone going to sleep, appears to cancel the mode. I see "start" again instead of "stop." I am also testing the feature, and I've yet to see a "random" action on my 105. On iOS, I press "start" repeatedly, but it never enters away mode.

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    It seems to be working fine now on android, and I can see the setting on my iPad. However, I cannot set away mode on the iPad. Support does not know why.

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    There may be some compatibility issues for iPad, because the iOS version of Kasa APP is used mainly on the iPhone at present.

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    Away mode on hs105 on iPhone not working

    Doesn’t seem to work properly on iPhone either. Spent two hours with support trying to resolve. They’re kicking it up to their engineers.


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