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    Question CPE510 station Rx rate drops to 6Mbps momentarily

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    Hi forum,

    i've been noticing the Rx rate of most of my deployed PtP stations fluctuating a bit for example from 120 to 180Mbps on MCS12 - 20/40Mhz which I suppose is quite normal, however for a particular one it's recently started dropping momentarily all the way down to 6Mbps which doesn't in fact even relate to any MCS rate. This is even with v2 of PharOS which i rolled out to all my gear recently. The true throughput of the link however doesn't appear to suffer the same consequences as it remains solid above 50Mbps.

    Signal strength on the particular link is -69dBm on -98dBm noise that yields an SNR of 29dB which I suppose is in the greens territory for a link about 2km away.

    I tried playing around with MAXtream on the AP front, QoS, WDS, setting the distance manually all which made no difference whatsoever. After googling around I see this being quite a popular occurrence especially with Ubiquiti's AirOS versions prior to 5.5, after which I suppose the 'bug' was put to rest.

    Anyone else notices this?

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    Ive been monitoring this for the last couple of weeks, even opened a ticket with TP-Link's tech support to which I have no reply yet, however in an effort to try and troubleshoot this I moved one client very close to the AP which exhibits the ill-effect and despite these two negotiating a 300mbps rate link at 65dB SNR it still quite frequently drops down to a 6Mbps. Next up is replacing the AP with a new one and comparing how that one behaves in turn with the same exact setup.

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    Replacement units exhibit exact same symptoms. So i take it this is normal behaviour since it doesn't seem to affect the actual throughput. I enclose a link showcasing the issue during an active transfer and in idle state.


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    Yes, this is normal behavior. Rates need not to be constant over the time and if throughput doesn't drop, everything is o.k.

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    Is it normal.
    Can he transmission power can be increased?

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    Transmission power cannot be increased since this is an 1.1(EU) model that is hardware-locked Tx to 17dBm (not to mention that going beyond that it would be illegal anyway)


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