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    Thumbs up AP Model TL-WA901ND V3 - System time wrong

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    Date and time information showing on my TL-WA901ND V3 firmware 3.16.9 build 150409 Rel. 60640n (latest public available firmware) is wrong.
    It shows 2015-02-23 whilst we are 2017-03-26...
    This wrong information makes the Log eventstiming useless

    There is even not a parameter to specify an NTP server on this AP...

    Poor firmware design and lack of developpers testing on this Acces point.

    Looks like TP-Link is aware of the issue since a while but doesn't do anything to get it fixed.

    Comments ?

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    suggest you feedback this issue to tplink support team:support@tp-link.com


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