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Thread: Tl-er604w

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    I recently inherited a network at a grade school with a TL-ER604W. It had been up and running for 250 plus days which I felt was a good sign. They had an old server that was hosting the DHCP and DNS but we were nervous it could fail at anytime so we decided to let the TL-ER604W handle those services. Initially everything seemed fine. I cut over the DHCP\DNS and things were moving along nicely. Speeds were good, clients got their address, and OpenDNS was blocking the appropriate sites. Well then as a good administrator I decided to update the firmware. Since then it has locked up twice in a two day period and this can't be happening. I'm not there full time and asking the principal to restart the thing every couple days is obviously not an option. We don't use the wireless. I have a vpn setup which I can't access because it went down again today. I don't know much about this router. It has a 100 (120 is the max I've seen) or so dhcp clients and about 10 reserved. Is that too much for this router? I wouldn't think so but need to get some answers. Issues with firmware? Any help would be appreciated.


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    The original first version of firmware was stable for me too for at least 30 days in a row but as soon as I upgraded to the new firmware, it needs constant power cycles after days of use. This is true with all firmware versions (incl betas) I have tried. You can try reverting back to the original firmware but I never received a response from TPLink if this will work as the firmware has significant changes in latter versions. Bottom line a LOT of us have the TL-ER604W and any firmware version other than the original will not run reliably for a period of time without requiring a reboot. There is a new version of firmware just released and two of US are testing it right now. http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....ts-fixed...etc


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