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    Angry TL-SG-108E V2 - VLAN 1 tagging

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    I am having the same issue as many many others posted elsewhere (Amazon and co). This is the only thing why this switch is "not good and not acceptable" for me.

    TP-Link disabled completely modifications for VLAN 1 even in Web interface as in the mgmt software.

    My issue is, that our company's network topology even uses tagged VLAN 1 packets in the "Switch Inter-connections", untagged packes are only allowed on the client side ports. To get the TL-SG-108E switches part of the network (we already ordered 10 pcs of them) they must accept and repeat VLAN 1 tagged packets but all the options to modify that are greyed out. In this case I need to set some ports VLAN 1 to be tagged (for the way to another switch) some to be forbid (when they should NOT be part of VLAN 1) and some to be untagged (for client connections).

    I know, that you can not compare a HP enterprise switch with this "cheap crap" but the "cheap crap" may be also very good and usable with only unlocking this feature.

    For 99% I think that it is only a software limitation, so with a modification in firmware this problem should be completely solved.

    Even the setting of the mgmt vlan should be possible!!!

    Please, please, please, if possible dear TP-Link team, please implement a fully working VLAN configuration into that brand of switches.

    I or we know, that it is possible to close out ourself of the web interface but therefore we have a good working reset button

    Thank you


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    Please also write to TP-Link support as I did already several times. The more people complain, the better is the change that TP-Link will modify the firmware. Thx!

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    already done...

    sent the same text, but I think they'll ignore it.
    Can't understand why, the product for itself is great, outer this big issue.

    did anyone try to crossflash the switch with a netgear GS108E v3 firmware? perhaps the realtek controller is the same, netgear enabled features like modifying vlan 1. But netgear is not as sympatically as tp-link


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    Got answer


    i got following answer to my question:

    Guten Tag Herr XXX,
    vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage!

    Der VLAN 1 lässt sich standardmäßig nicht ändern.

    Das wird in der Zukunft auch so bleiben.

    Bei weiteren Fragen helfen wir Ihnen gern.
    in clear and hard words,

    it will be not editable by default and this behavior will stay in future, they will never change it.

    So, this switch is unusable in VLAN environment and should not be labelled as vlan capable!!!

    Support? NO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChAoSWK View Post
    So, this switch is unusable in VLAN environment and should not be labelled as vlan capable!!!
    Yes, it's a pity that they use the fixed VLAN ID 1 for the management VLAN. This way it doesn't fit into our network topology, too.


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