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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsnow View Post
    Have you removed the port as a member of vlan1? I haven't tried but i hope the web admin is not accessible once a port is removed from vlan1, proper fix would be a management vlan but i'm okay if removing vlan1 from a port works.

    upgraded, config is okay but admin password reset to default, was just about to order a different brand switch.
    Yes, I did! Unfortunately, you still can access web admin tool via any VLAN since you are in same IP network. This is sad. I hope TPLink fix this also.

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    Any support for v1.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain_TP-Link View Post
    Besides, if your TP-Link devices are TL-SG108PE or TL-SG1016PE, I'm afraid it would still need a few days for the official firmware released, maybe at the end of this month if all goes well.
    Hello Rain,

    any news about the firmware for TL-SG108PE fixing the VLAN1 problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1D2 View Post
    Hello Rain,

    any news about the firmware for TL-SG108PE fixing the VLAN1 problem?
    Could I please expand upon the last question to include the SG-1024DE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timbergetter View Post
    Please tell me this update is available or about to become available for the SG1024DE V3.
    Any plans or progress on getting the VLAN1 changes for SG1024DE switches? I'm about to deploy a mix of SG108E and SG1024DE switches across a non-profit's campus and hate the idea of leaving this one gaping security issue unaddressed.

    Thanks in advance.


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