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    TL-R470T+ parameters

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    I just bought a TL-R470T+ but I have some difficulties to do what I want (even to start)

    I want to use it to secure a alarm system.
    I have another router providing internet which I connect to the WAN1 on the R470T+ then on the Port 2 I connect a Raspberry PI then on the Ports 3 to 5 IP cameras.

    What I want to do is to allow the RPI and only the RPI to access internet from WAN1 and the RPI can access the cameras but I want to make sure the cameras cannot access Internet, but only the RPI (and of course the cameras should not be accessible directly from Internet).

    Could anyone help me with the parameters to apply ?

    thank you in advance


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    The Access Control can do the job you described.
    Block the IP of cameras to the Internet and allow the IP of RPI to the Internet.
    Source IP is the one you want to control while the Destination IP is


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