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    TL-PA8010P Kit Power-saving Mode not working?

    Model : TL-PA8010PKIT

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : Vodafone Cable-TV[/COLOR]


    I have just installed a TL-PA8010P-Powerline-Kit in my appartment. Everything works fine except that the power-saving-mode is not indicated by the LEDs.

    According to the guide the power-saving-mode is either shown by the blinking Power-LED or the Powerline-LED not shining at all. Neither is the case:
    The adapter connected to the LAN-port of the router (Fritzbox 7270) has all three LED shining constantly while the adapter connected to a PC in another room switches off the Ethernet-LED when the computer is turned off.
    I have two questions:
    How can I determine if the power-saving-mode is working?
    Does the adapter connected to the router ever switches to power.saving mode since the router is never turned off?

    Thank you

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    I have the same issue with the following network:

    Model Firmware
    TL-PA8010P V1
    TL-PA8010P V1
    TL-PA8030P V1
    TL.PA8030P V1

    After the devices are turned off the 8030 power LEDs enter power saving mode and blink every 15 seconds, but the 8010 power LEDs remain always on and their powerline LEDs remain orange/red.
    Then, when the devices are turned on again they all work properly (all LEDs green).
    Any firmware improvements ?

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    Mostly caused by the device plugged in, not going to standby fully, check your device for any eco mode etc

    Test by unplugging network lead, wait 6 min see if now goes off

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    That "powersave mode" does not pull down the powerline network, it just sends the local LAN circuitry to sleep. So yes, the PLC on the router will never sleep simply because the router never sleeps.

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    Then I run this test: I unplugged the four powerline and plugged them in turn, (only 1 powerline plugged at time) without any rj45 cables
    and pressing the button until reset.
    The two 8030 enter the power save mode after 5 minutes, the two 8010 not, the power led remain constantly on.
    Then I plugged them starting with the 8010 and pairing the others to the first and connecting all the devices.
    The network is ok, but again the 8030s enter the power save mode, the 8010s not.
    Do you think it is not a firmware bug ? May be both the 8010 are faulty ?


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