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    Disable power saver mode

    I'm using the TC-W7690, so I can't guarantee this will solve the issue you're experiencing. I was often unable to reach the internet despite being connected to the network and able to connect via ethernet. Often, attempting to disconnect and reconnect to the network failed. So far, the solution was to disable Power Save Mode. Steps as follows:

    1) Login at (your router IP may be different)
    2) Click "Wireless," then "Advanced"
    3) Click "Wireless 2.4G" (My only option for this router. You may also have a 5GHz antenna)
    4) Click "Wireless Advanced"
    5) Disable the checkbox for "Enable Power Save Support" and click the Save button.

    It's been stable since, but I'll report back if anything changes.

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    Try this

    I do not have this router, however check for an ECO or power save mode setting. On some of the routers I have owned turning off the ECO/power save fixes the problem.

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    My Archer CR700 seems to now be dropping IP addresses 2.4 and 5.0

    I seem to be having same problem. I have plenty of IP addresses to serve to my wireless clients (IOS devices, TP Link smart bulbs, Roku, Mac, etc). Now all of a sudden my devices drop randomly.
    My IP addresses are dynamic so they are given out as needed.

    My Archer CR700 is Hardware V1.1.
    Firmware V1.0.5
    Build 20150925
    Rel 338940

    No network changes except adding devices.

    Can anyone help here?

    Tech support said to contact my ISP (Spectrum - was Brighthouse) to see if they have firmware update. I will but don't hold much hope here, since nothing has changed on my end.

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    how many clients do you have? have you tried different channels and width?

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    Question Take a Xanax Before You Even Unbox It; Just Return It, You'll Thank Me!

    I am so frustrated and I see that I am not the only have trouble with this very expensive piece of JUNK!!! I purchased this modem/router on a recommendation but I have learned that the recommendation was to keep me offline and out of politics by tweeting! What in the hell is wrong with this thing? I had it working last night then when I awoke this morning, it was offline. I called Tp-Link Tech Support and was on hold for 25 minutes before reaching a tech that actually emailed the manual to me and shortly after that, she put me on hold because my call did not disconnect until I hung up the phone when I received an email from her saying that we were disconnected. NO WE WERE NOT!! That ????????? put me on hold so I would think we had been disconnected. She did tell me to reset it and start over and to use the manual; however, the manual doesn't explain anything but the bare essentials and even those essentials will not keep the Archer CR700 online for an extended period of time. I gave up my D-Link Dual Band Router for this $180US piece of worthless Chinese metal and plastic! At least my DLink kept me online and kept my security cameras online and recording. Since there is no way to specify IP addresses for individual pieces and then lock that IP address into place, my cameras and TiVo units are going crazy. The Archer CR700 does not hold onto an IP address for no longer than 7 minutes if you are lucky. It is constantly reassigning IP addresses. WTF??

    I have been working on setting this thing up since 8a on Monday morning and it is now 10:57p.m.. That does not include the time I took to set it up last night!

    I can not even get my Obi200 VOIP (so now fax machine now), my two media servers, two Amazon Echo Dots, or parts of my security system such as motion detectors, and smart plugs to be recognized by the Archer CR700. I have emailed tech support three times and no one has responded. Customer Support is worse than ASUS and that is pretty horrible!!! If I don't get some type of HELP soon, I will box is FAULTY, UNPROVEN TO WORK RELIABLY piece of trash back in the box and return it for a FULL REFUND. If I get any trouble from the merchant, they can just speak to my financial institution because I will sure as hell dispute the charges because the product is worthless!!! It is about as cheap as the YEN, which has been manipulated by the government of China, which means, this Archer CR700 isn't worth15% of what I paid for it! I do not need nor do I want to inherit another useless piece of technology (not, that this thing can be called technology)!!

    HELP better arrive very soon before I begin using Twitter with my mobile data and before I report this trash to the FCC, FTC, and to the DOJ to investigate and bring criminal charges for consumer fraud and who knows what else they may be able to hang on TP-Link. BTW, the 6 TP-Link Smart Plugs that arrived today from Amazon are being returned via UPS first thing in the morning. I have boxed those little pieces of trash up to go already!!! Pardon my typos. I am too stressed to go back and proof read this thing!

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    Surely Not Too Many!

    Quote Originally Posted by vieldcs View Post
    how many clients do you have? have you tried different channels and width?
    I have approximately 40 different clients that range from motion detectors (2), security cameras (8) but not using 3 at the moment, Smart Plugs (7), Security DVRs (2) (Ethernet), Obi200 VOIP for fax machine (1+1=2), TiVo (2), desktop pc (2) (Ethernet), MAC Mini (1) (Wi-Fi), Amazon Echo Dot (2), Android tablet (1), Android Smartphones (2), Samsung Curve 4k (1), Vizio 55" (1), DLink Router EXO AC1750 (1) (not in use), Roku (1), Powerline Extender (1), Wi-Fi Extenders (2) (1 is rarely in use), Iomega Home Cloud Media Server (1) ( CR700 will not recognize it; Ethernet), & I'm sure that I am forgetting a few things.

    As far band usage goes, the majority CR700 says 21 wireless 2.4GHz, 4 using 5GHz wireless, CR700 says 3 are IPV6 but I deactivated IPV6, 5 wired via Ethernet, 1 printer/fax using CR700 printer server.

    I had considered changing the IP address to Static but Charter/Spectrum changes my internet IP about every 3 days, so I'm screwed if I did that.

    Keep in mind that not all of clients are running at the same time. I have reset it to factory status on Monday morning and it still goes out.

    If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it because I am ready to go back to a Charter/Spectrum modem and my old DLink DIR-860L Dual Band Router until I find a new one.

    Something that EVERY Spectrum customer should keep in mind...the Spectrum rep that activated my CR700 told me that without the Charter modem they provided, I may not get full use of the services. When I asked her, "What in the hell do you mean by not all of the services? I am only wanting to get my 60Mbps & 4Mbps upload." She then said because I had my own modem, they wouldn't guarantee the speed. That was about the time that I reminded her that she was also on a recorded line from my side and I would have no problem going directly to the FCC to file formal complaints and have my attorney handle it if my services were not kept at speed. Charter/Spectrum has scrappy service here in southeast Louisiana but they are constantly increasing rates. Recently, they started charging a Broadcast TV Surcharge to fleece more money. The local channels always were included in every package without a surcharge until recently. Just another scam by Charter/Spectrum to increase revenue without improving services.

    I am currently trying to get the State or the Local Franchise Authority to prevent them from passing on the Franchise Fee to the consumers. That is just the cost of doing business. The FCC has ruled that Cable Cos. may pass on the Franchise Authority Fee but does not require them to and does NOT prevent the Franchise Authorities from exercising their right as a government body to limit or restrict the Cable Cos. from passing that cost to the consumer.

    Those fees back into the consumers' pockets will generate more economic growth through taxes. Charter/Spectrum isn't putting that money back in the communities as they should.


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    when it lost internet, do you see the downstream and upstream light are still on? internet light? are you still able to login modem setup page?
    it is better to locate the problem first.
    If anyone of downstream and upstream, internet light is not on, which indicated it is an internet line issue. This may caused by isp or the modem.
    if you can not login the modem setup page, which means the router is dead and stops responding.

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    I can tell when it begins to crawl and goes out because my webpages and chats begin to to take forever to load and even longer for the computer or tablet to finish a sentence with one letter or digit about every 15 seconds. There are times when the lights are still lit for a bit before going dark and at other times, the entire things resets itself and then I have restart it a second time after it reboots because it will not pick up the Dynamic IP from Charter/Spectrum and I do not have the patience to sit there and watch the little red wheel spin as it pretends to be looking for a signal.

    I did connect a DLink EXO 1750 (DIR-869L) Dual Band Wi-Fi Extender to the network via Ethernet to set it up and then disconnected the cable and put the DLink Extender on Wi-Fi to connect to my network. I have noticed that since I added the Extender and having it on the network as a Wi-Fi device, the Archer CR700 hasn't gone offline as much. When it does go off the internet, I log into the network via the DLink Extender and it forces the CR700 to make a connection because the Extender itself is searching for the connection. The DLink has been somewhat of a stress saver today. If it would not have been for the DLink, I'd probably still be seeing red wheels spinning!

    The CR700 still will not recognize the Obihai 200 VOIP device even when it is connected directly into the CR700; however, when I connect the Obi200 into the Extender via Ethernet cable, the Extender immediately shows the IP and MAC address of the Obi. Unfortunately, the CR700 is still preventing the obi200 from connecting to the Obi servers.

    I spent a half hour on the phone with Obi Tech Support, who called me. Unlike TP-Link, who pretending to hang up so I would disconnect the call before the rep was even finished helping me. What a C**t!

    The Obi Techs were able to see that my VOIP device was attempting to connect but whenever it would reach for the signal, the CR700 would cut the connection to their servers. I am going to take the advice of the Obi Techs and send the CR700 back to the merchant, which is HSN even though I am far outside of their return policy. HSN has granted an exception to take the CR700 back as a defective return even though it was purchased in March, in had only opened the plastic wrap the night before last. So it is technically BRAND NEW & DEFECTIVE. Of course, I had to explain to them about the trouble and by telling them that it was coming back certified mail for a signature and if they refused to accept it, I would file a dispute with Comenity Bank, issuer of their credit card, about trying to resolve a defective item return and was denied. I simply asked if they wanted to incur a chargeback fee from the Bank for having the dispute and end up having to take it back it anyway? They saw my point, apologized, and informed me that they would be speaking to their TP-Link sales representative about the large number of defective CR700 units. Yes, I told them that all of you other folks were having the same problem because of your posts. They will issue me a full credit including shipping and taxes as soon as the barcode is scanned by the USPS for accepting it for shipping.

    The Obi Techs recommended that I purchase the ASUS Dual Band Wireless AC1900 (RT-AC68U) for $159.99 on Amazon with free two day shipping. The Obi Techs said that a lot of their customers were raving about easy, smooth and fast that the ASUS would run online with no connectivity problems whatsoever. I am not a huge ASUS fan since my new Zoom fried as soon as I plugged it into the USB port in a Hertz Rental Car on my first day of a 10 day vacation in Florida back in June. The ASUS router can not possibly be worse than the CR700.

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    I talked a TP-LINK rep, and she was very nice, maybe the one you talked to is "new" there. Did you send an email to support.usa@tp-link.com? I got reply from them every time.
    I think for complex problems, it's better to solve it via email other than a phone call, there are little things we can do on the phone, with email, they will check problems with senior engineer.

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    Junior Member Garyvand is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    I'm having the same problem with my Archer CR700. The 5GHz connection is solid but the 2.4GHz connection drops frequently. A reset or power cycle brings it back but not for long. I experience the problem on all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyvand View Post
    I'm having the same problem with my Archer CR700. The 5GHz connection is solid but the 2.4GHz connection drops frequently. A reset or power cycle brings it back but not for long. I experience the problem on all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
    Do you change the wireless settings such as channel? And how many devices connect to 2.4G at the same time. Try reduce the number of the clients.


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