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    Using a different dynamic dns provider in TL-R600VPN

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    Hello ,

    I am trying to enter configuration for a dynamic dns provider different than the existing choices:
    Peanut: http://www.oray.com/
    Comexe: http://www.comexe.cn/
    Dyndns: http://dyn.com/dns/?rdr=dyndnsorg
    No-IP: http://www.noip.com/

    How can I add a new entry?

    King regards ,

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    Hey dude, I don't think there is another way to add a new entry. But the NoIP and DDNS is the most popular one, why you want to change another?

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    Hello Panda ,

    Thank you for your reply.

    All right. I was looking for a free service unmanaged service.

    Let's see the list in the router:
    - Dyndns used to be but it wasn't anymore
    - Noip requires a confirm every 30 days
    - Peanut seems dismantled o changed into a estore. And everything in chinese
    - Comexe takes a long to load and everything in chinese. Dismantled?

    These are the facts:
    - Some free DDNS providers have been dismantled for different reasons.
    - And free services are now charged services.
    - As the routers have a closed list this list becomes obsolete and unuseful as time goes by.
    - There is not a technical reason for this policy.
    - The Internet of things and the new (really not so new) concept of online office make this service very useful.
    - A hardware solution for this service is better than a software solution.

    I will try Noip. But if there is a problem and it does not work I will have to buy a different router.
    I don't know if IOS routers have this flexibility. They should.

    I don't understand why the list of DDNs has to be closed for firmware routers. It is a kind of oligopoly.

    Best regards ,


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