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Hi All

Just wondering if any of you knowledgeable guys can help me with this query.

My current setup on my fibre broadband connection consists of a Draytek Vigor 130 modem connected to a TP-Link Archer C3200 router. The only way I can view the Vigor 130s GUI / stats is to disconnect the ethernet cable from the Vigor 130s LAN port, and connect an ethernet directly from my PC to the Vigor 130s LAN port. The problem with this is that everyone in my home will loose internet connection while I am viewing the modems stats, as there is no internet connection going to the router. The Vigor works really well, it's just a shame it only comes with one LAN port.

Is there any way I can view the Vigor 130s stats through my Archer C3200 without having to disconnect the ethernet from the LAN of the Vigor? I have tried changing the IP addresses of each device so they are on the same network, the Vigor is on and the C3200 is on, but this doesn't work.

If someone can help, or knows how to do this, if in fact it is possible to do it, then I would be very grateful for them to explain how I can set this up.

Many thanks in advance.