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    Angry TL-SG105E and TL-SG108E lose VLAN/IP configuration randomly

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    I'm using two TL-SG105E 2.0 switches and one TL-SG108E 2.0 switch.

    They're all running 20160526 Rel.34615.

    Periodically, two of these switches have reset themselves, losing their VLAN configuration and their own IPs. In one case the switch retained its user/pass, I don't remember the other case.

    In the first case, the switch reset itself after I powered it off and on again. In the second case, it just randomly did this late at night while I was using it.

    Either way, I was forced to hunt around subnets/vlans looking for the switch, until I found it squatting on IP

    Before you ask, I hit the "Save Config" button several times, and even rebooted these switches with the "Save Config" option checked in the past.

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    I just lost configuration data just like the poster above.

    I have both TL-SG105E and TL-SG108E in my network. Both have 802.1Q VLAN configurations. After a sudden power loss (from a lightning storm), the switches powered back up without the 802.1Q VLAN configuration. Both switches did retain some configuration: login/password, and static IP address so there is some kind of persistent storage on the switches.

    I was able to recover with backup configs but loss of configuration from a power cycle event is not acceptable. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Without a fix, these products might as well be just a dumb switch and cannot be used for anything that utilizes the 802.1Q VLAN features.

    TL-SG105E: 1.0.2 Build 20160526 Rel.34540
    TL-SG108E: 1.0.2 Build 20160526 Rel.34615


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