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    Archer T9E - Poor Connection Speed

    Model : ARCHER T9E

    Hardware Version : N/A

    Firmware Version : N/A

    ISP : Virgin Media (200mb)


    Hey there,

    I've recently purchased two AC1900 (Archer T9E) adapters and believe one of them might be a bit of a lemon.

    Just a preface; both machines are connected to the same router (Virgin SuperHub), sat next to each other (less than foot difference) and both using the same cards (on Windows 7). The hardware isn't wildly different (i7 Haswell-E and other i5 Skylake).

    Now, the interesting part:

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    The difference between the two is incredible, it's almost as if half of one of the cards isn't fully working correctly (and keeps dropping the WiFi signal periodically).

    Is this a known issue? Would this Be able to be returned under warranty?
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    what about exchange these two adapters on the two PCs ?
    and yes,it's under warranty and you may get a RMA


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