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I have several of these Easy Smart switches, all running the latest firmware I could find.

They seem to be essentially unusable.

When powered off, or just randomly when they crash, they lose all or most of their configuration data. Usually (?) the username and password are retained, but the VLAN configuration and IP address for the switch are lost.

Because of this, I'm forced to go hunt around for them on my management VLAN, find them squatting on, and reload my configuration backup onto the switch.

I had one configured for some time in the past without using the 802.1q tagged VLAN support, and it seemed reasonably stable. With VLAN support, I've had multiple switches crash in this manner.

Before you ask, I went over to the "Save Config" button and pressed it a few times after configuring the switch(es). I also tried rebooting them with the "Save Config" option checked, just in case.

This seems to be a serious bug.

For reference, I'm using a few tagged vlans, with PVID set appropriately on the untagged ports.