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Thread: RE210 and 5GHz

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    RE210 and 5GHz

    Model : RE210. Hardware Version : V1.0. Firmware Version : ISP : Comcast. I recently installed a new router and had to reset my RE210. The 2.4GHz reset with no problem but now I cannot figure out how to get it set for 5GHz. I can just make out the lights on the front and there are only 3 of the 4 lit now. All the ones lit are solid green but the unlit light is dark whereas all 4 were lit previously.I'm using an Apple Time Capsule as my router, so had to use method 1 to set up the repeater.Any suggestions on how to get this to work would be appreciated.
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    OK, I finally got the setup to scan for my 5GHz signal but it cannot find one! There are still only 3 green lights on the front, the first two and the last.

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    OK, it's been over a week with no answer. Does anyone monitor this site? I have been trying to update the ROM to see if that will help but the only place I now seem to be able to load the file from is as a picture file. When I first tried, Dropbox was an option. I finally got the file loaded to Dropbox and now it's no longer available. What am I doing wrong!?

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    Same problem here

    I've got the exact same problem with my unit. All lights except 5ghz shine, and in the web settings I scan and it returns no connections found - which is not true because i've set up a 5ghz and am connected to.

    Can someone look into this for me? Firmware is 26160616 if I am not wrong

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    Finally, someone else posts here. Just wish you were someone with an answer rather than another with the same problem.

    Have you been able to upgrade your firmware? I haven't even been able to do that.

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    I have just bought a RE350 and it detects that the 5Ghz is switch off when it is not. In fact, I have wireless components connected to the 5Ghz wireless band. Will TP Link provide some support in this area?


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