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My TP-LINK TL-WR340G Router device is connected to the main router in the house via a TP-LINK switch and provides a secondary WI-FI network to the 2nd floor in my home.<br>During our absence of several weeks, something has happened and the secondary network got somehow disrupted and stopped allowing connection to it. I finally reset the router to the factory setting and then had to rename it again to its original name with a relevant password. Now connection happens immediately, but no internet connection is provided, although the main network functions correctly.<br>I tried changing the channels (factory setting is 6, and I don't know what was configured before the reset, but probably the same), but to no avail.
I am able to connect to the the TP-LINK web server via and make the changes. But any other attempt to reach the internet fails with timeouts.
What else can be done?