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    Thumbs up Blank Screen on NC450 via IP / DynDNS

    hey there, except to the actually plugin problem on firefox, i had a problem therefore:

    when i login to nc450 via ip-adress to my router / or dyndns domain, the liveview is black?!
    i can log in normally and see everything, even the controller, but i dont see a videoscreen?!
    this is on all browsers and on mac and windows. and even on ipad, but why?
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    Can be virus blocking the direct connection If i pause Kaspersky , my internet security package & refresh the page it connects to live view.But now the browser version is blank.Too much hastle for normal folk ...i suggest you get the ip package of cameras & sensors from the company beginning with P. with off camera recording which is i think the best way to record., on a seperate disc . Thoe app is good & you get a local/cloud recording to keep , with no computer involved.

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    i dont have a specifc antivirus. i use the system from windows 7, but i have a strong firewall.
    i will proof that later, if the firewall could be the cause. - on my old tp-link cam all worked good.

    recording is not the main thing for me, the first what i want:
    guests viewing and controlling the cam only via browser

    after the new cloud cams, this is really become annoying.
    only 1 admin / guests with no rights. shitty recording manager. etc
    hardware good - software bad

    dont know what you mean with P

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    for your information - if anyone else is still here to help -_-

    deactivate the firewall in my router doesnt do anything.
    when i login on my camera outside my lan, it still looks like that:

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    Browser issues

    The plug ins for video have been stopped but not updated .The only live view i get is with VLC player but it requires a complex set up ,Google it . Firefox ,IE/ Google alerted browser users ages ago that the plug ins were a security hole .TPLINK have not updated You can get a live view with a browser using ip address /port & put the password into Base64 code.I also got a live view with ISPY software but it is complicated to set up .Then i set up my Raspberry Pi with a web cam as camera & that gives live view /recording/alerts .No problems viewing that on a PC with the PI on wired & wireless thru a browser. The ip address gave a live view. TPLINK does not work so i will explore the Panasonic security system as a permanent set up .

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    VLC Player is not an alternative, or can i CONTROL the cam with that?
    i only want to SEE a liveview AND CONTROL the movement in browser, is it too hard to wish for?!

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    BASE64 password

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostie79 View Post
    VLC Player is not an alternative, or can i CONTROL the cam with that?
    i only want to SEE a liveview AND CONTROL the movement in browser, is it too hard to wish for?!
    ......................contact TPLINK online support & get a run down on how to get live view from the modem with ip address , port & password in BASE64 ...that works
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    ok, but when its possible to get a liveview over router, why isnt here the tuturial readable?
    what must i do? the tp support is very slow and actually i dontk now if they can/want to help... :-(

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    THE SOLUTION: Dont use port 80. Better use 8080.

    If this not works, because its reserved (like by me).
    set your Cam to DMZ Zone in active. this worked.

    anyway, ist bad that you onle have 1 admin account,
    and multiple guest accounts, who can do nothing.
    a "medium account" only for controlling would be great.

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    To view on PC: I am using Safari on my Windows 7 PC. In order to view any of these IPCams (I have NC230 and NC450),
    you need to visit this page*. You will see Browser Plugins for Safari and Internet Explorer (IE). I did not try IE because I hate it. I do not know why NC450 does not have this Web Plugin section.

    Plugins are compatible for MAC, Windows, and I can't remember what else. It seems all are covered. I downloaded and installed one plugin. Both of my IPCams are viewable.

    (*) http://www.tp-link.com/us/download/T...tml#Web_Plugin

    1. Make sure you select the Operating System that you want to use on.
    2. For me, I selected http://static.tp-link.com/res/down/s...in(IE_x86).zip
    3. Yes, you will need to run the downloaded file and restart your browser. Again, I did not test IE.

    Other areas to find support: http://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faqs


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