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    Thumbs up Blank Screen on NC450 via IP / DynDNS

    hey there, except to the actually plugin problem on firefox, i had a problem therefore:

    when i login to nc450 via ip-adress to my router / or dyndns domain, the liveview is black?!
    i can log in normally and see everything, even the controller, but i dont see a videoscreen?!
    this is on all browsers and on mac and windows. and even on ipad, but why?
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    Can be virus blocking the direct connection If i pause Kaspersky , my internet security package & refresh the page it connects to live view.But now the browser version is blank.Too much hastle for normal folk ...i suggest you get the ip package of cameras & sensors from the company beginning with P. with off camera recording which is i think the best way to record., on a seperate disc . Thoe app is good & you get a local/cloud recording to keep , with no computer involved.

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    i dont have a specifc antivirus. i use the system from windows 7, but i have a strong firewall.
    i will proof that later, if the firewall could be the cause. - on my old tp-link cam all worked good.

    recording is not the main thing for me, the first what i want:
    guests viewing and controlling the cam only via browser

    after the new cloud cams, this is really become annoying.
    only 1 admin / guests with no rights. shitty recording manager. etc
    hardware good - software bad

    dont know what you mean with P

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    for your information - if anyone else is still here to help -_-

    deactivate the firewall in my router doesnt do anything.
    when i login on my camera outside my lan, it still looks like that:

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