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    HS100 Led Strip Problem

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    Hello i got smart plug hs100 , connected it to kasa app and amazon echo dot easy , pluged in my china led strip ( that one cheap with remote control ) when i say alexa turn on led (named it led in kasa app) i hear click from smart plug my led light flashes/blinks for a second (not turning on :/ ) alexa says OKey , so im turning on my leds with remote control then ask alexa to turn off LED all works fine (Click sound,alexa says ok, my leds turned off)

    So i dont understand why this led strip doesnt turn on by voice command (turns off fine) or this plug dont work with cheap led strip (saw many on youtube that it should work with cheap leds)

    Renaming didnt solved my problem, reinstall ,reconnect,reboot didnt helped too. Any ideas how to fix that ?

    EDITED : btw im using it on power strip
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