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    M7350(EU) - Intermittent WIFI and Mobile 3G Packet loss

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    I recently purchased an M7350 EU v3 to replace my old 3G MIFI. Set it all up on EE 4G sucessfully but noticed a lot of packet loss on both WIFI and 4G
    Constanlty pinging the WIFI default gateway on the M7350 i can see about 10-20% packet loss. its difficult to tell if the 4G connection has the same amount of packet loss too as so many are lost over WIFI.

    I've had it replaced as i thought the first one might be faulty, but the second one is doing the exact same thing.
    Ive tried changing the WIFI bandwidth between 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz, with and without WPA/WPA2 security being set and different channels, but still the same packet loss.

    I really think there is something wrong with either the firmware or the Radio Chipset on these devices...

    Im running the current firmware M7350(EU)_V3_160330 which after looking through the docs, cant be downgraded, so i cant try a different version to compare.

    Has anyone else had the same issues?

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    Hello, I have made the same experience with my M7350(EU). The connection stucks very often, it does not matter whether I use 4G or 3G as well as 2,4 or 5 GHz, no data are transferred After some time the transfer starts again.

    I am also running the latest firmware.

    Did you already get in contact with the support?


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