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I recently purchased this switch and am having some challenges in getting it to work. My issue is described below.
[h=1]TP-Link 5-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (TL-SF1005D)[/h]I have a home network with a Fios router. There is an ethernet cable going out of the back LAN port of the Fios router and into another room about 40 feet away. When the cables that extends into the other room is plugged directly into my computer, my computer has internet access. Or, when I plug that cable into a Cisco wifi router, that router creates a wifi network in that room. So, I know that the cable is "live" in the sense that it is properly connected to my router and internet.

Now, when I take that same cable and plug it into the switch, the light on the port associated with that cables periodically blinks, but does not stay lit. This is true no matter what port I plug it into.

When I plug in any other device to the back of the switch (e.g., computer, printer, wifi router), the light on that port on the back of the switch is lit, but does not have internet access.

So I cannot figure out why a cable that I know carries internet does not seem to do anything when plugged into the back of the switch, but it does in fact work when plugged into any other device.

Thank you for your replies and advice.