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    TL-WA801ND in client mode loses connection to router

    Model : TL-WA801ND

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 3.16.9 Build 151217 Rel.76391n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have a TL-WA801ND v3 running in client mode. It works really well most of the time, but it gets disconnected from the WiFi network about once or twice a day. It stays disconnected network until I reboot the WiFi router. Rebooting the TL-WA801ND doesn't help. There are 13 devices on the WiFi network and this is the only one that's having an issue. The router is a Belkin F7D7302 running TomatoUSB.

    I couldn't find any errors in the log. What should I try to troubleshoot this?

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    suggest you contact tp-link support team with the log of TL-WA801ND


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