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    Trunk T1600G-28PS to SG3424 with Vlans

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    I set up LAG between the two Switches. LACP ist ok, LAG is up. Although the LAG Ports are tagged I cant access to all connected devices on the T1600G-28PS.

    It seems to be that the Vlans are not routed to the T1600.

    Between my SG3424 and my other witch SG3216 all is ok.

    I found out, that I cant change the link type on T1600. On my other switches I can. I read somewhere that on T1600 the ports are link type "GENERAL" if you set up LAG. How can I Change the link type on the T1600? I have to change it to TRUNK

    This is not only important for Lag's. If I want to connect two switches with only one cable I also have to hange the link type.

    I hope I explained my problem right...;-)
    Or am I wrong? Is there another way for that switch?

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    same problem here.


    Same problem here with a T1600G-52TS.
    We try to setup 3xVLANs
    • VLAN 100 - 1 to 20
    • VLAN 200 - 21 to 40
    • and the rest on VLAN 1 - 41 to 52 (normaly as TRUNK)
    And when we plug the gateway on port 42 (and all others on VLAN1), we can't acces from other VLAN (100 & 200).
    I our configuration, we can acces (ping) :
    • from VLAN 100 to VLAN 1 (and reverse)
    • from VLAN 200 to VLAN 1 (and reverse)
    • not between VLAN 200 and VLAN 100 (as we want the configuration)
    But when we plug the gateway (and other device like DHCP) on VLAN 1, we can't access from VLANID100 et 200...

    We have read a lot of tutorials. And see TRUNK status on link status. And in our manager interfaces, we dont see anything like that... Ports is ONLY on "general".

    Maybe somebody can help with us ?

    PS : Last Firmware was set on device.

    Thx a lot,

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    Hi wiesel722,

    It works on our TPLINK T1600G-52TS.

    You can see the screenshot below and our configuration :
    • Port to 1 - 20 = VLANID 100 = PRIVE
    • Port to 21 - 40 = VLANID 200 = PUBLIC
    • Port to 41 - 52 = VLANID 1 (TRUNK) = no filtered
    Name:  Capture.jpg
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    • VLAN1
    • all ports named "PRIVE" are tagged
    • all ports named "PUBLIC" are unselected
    • all ports truck are untagged

    Name:  Capture1.jpg
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    • VLAN2 :
    • all ports named PUBLIC are tagged
    • all ports named PRIVE are unselected
    • all ports truck are untagged
    Name:  Capture3.jpg
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    • PVID(s) set :
    Name:  Capture5.jpg
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    Name:  Capture6.jpg
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    Name:  Capture7.jpg
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    Name:  Capture8.PNG
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    Hi besync.
    I canīt understand what you mean. I also have problem with my vlan, i have 3 VLAN on T1600G connected with 3 SG108E. It all working fine, but i canīt go to the internet.
    In your answer, if i understand correctly, i should tagged all ports but only the gateway port untagged? Between the switsches i only tagged the port to the next switch, and also on T1600. All other untagged. Is this wrong?



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