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I set up LAG between the two Switches. LACP ist ok, LAG is up. Although the LAG Ports are tagged I cant access to all connected devices on the T1600G-28PS.

It seems to be that the Vlans are not routed to the T1600.

Between my SG3424 and my other witch SG3216 all is ok.

I found out, that I cant change the link type on T1600. On my other switches I can. I read somewhere that on T1600 the ports are link type "GENERAL" if you set up LAG. How can I Change the link type on the T1600? I have to change it to TRUNK

This is not only important for Lag's. If I want to connect two switches with only one cable I also have to hange the link type.

I hope I explained my problem right...;-)
Or am I wrong? Is there another way for that switch?