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    Connecting Android Mobile Phone and Tablet to Archer D2

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    Hello everyone, I have just today received my TP-Link Archer D2 modem router. I have successfully set it up so that I'm able to access the internet, but I cannot seem to connect my Android phone or tablet to it. I need to know what I am doing wrong. Am I right in that I should be using the password I created for the modem or am I supposed to use the password that's on the bottom of the router modem?
    When I try using the password I created, it says the password is incorrect, but I know it's right. So I'm confused why I can't connect my mobile phone to this modem router. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    The password you created is the password to let you login to your router, it is different from the wi-fi's password. The password on the bottom of the router is the default wifi password. You can modify it in the web UI. If you did not change the wifi password, just type in the password on the bottom of the router.

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    All Sorted

    Just after I posted on here, I got it all sorted, have been too busy to come back on though to say. I'm all up and running and answered my own question once I thought about it. Thanks anyway.


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