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Hi there

We have two of these devices in the house and are mostly happy with them, serving PoE devces an non PoE devices alike, apart from one thing.

Whenever you attempt to move it the power almost always cycles. Everything obviously disconnects and it's frustrating. I think this is a design flaw with either the socket or the jack. I purchased two from new; one in September 2014 and another in July 2016, both from ecommerce sites. The power supply is a UK fitting since it is being used in the uk.

I have looked at the power fitting jack and have had to cut some of the rubber/plastic insulation (what you hold to push the jack into the socket at the back of the TL-SG1008P switch) back a little (by 2-3mm) which seems to have made it slightly more 'snug' and secure. I shouldn't really have to do that. The flaw exists in both - the other I am afraid to move since I don't want to have my devices bring reset al the time, at the slightest movement.

I did speak to someone in China at TP LInk and they suggested I return it because the recent one is still within a years warranty.

Don't know if it's a common fault with the device or the UK power supply jack. Is this a common problem with UK supplied jacks?

Please advise