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    AV600 no wall socket available

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    Hi, I have had to plug one of the power line adaptors into a surge protected extension cable as I do not have enough wall sockets available. It seems to have paired up ok but I am concerned as the instructions say this should not be done but not why. Also, do the adaptors have to be left switched on when not in use? Any advice gratefully received.

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    Thou shalt not do this because surge/spike filters also happen to filter out frequencies relevant to powerline networking communications. Plain powerstrips also degrade signal quality, plus the open length of cable produces a lot of unwanted emissions in that frequency band.

    There is a much better solution for when you are out of wall sockets: Use a powerline adapter that has a passthrough socket. That gives you powerline connection in the place where it belongs - directly on the wall - and these also contain filtering circuit.


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