Model : RE200

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version : 3.14.2 Build 160329 Rel.38287n


hi,im new here,i hope you are doing well. i'll try to describe my problem. Sorry for my bad english.

BTW this is my second range extender,(the first one was replaced by guarantee).

Whenever i try to setup my re200 it never asks me for my country,it jumps directly to search 2.4ghz band and after that 5ghz bands. The thing is that its picking up my router 2.4ghz signal,but it doesnt show any conecction on the 5ghz one, my router its an Alcatel-Lucent G-240W-B (ONT),if i set the ssid and MAC adress manually it repeats the network BUT here is where the "stranger things" starts.

First of all main router and extnder have the same channel on the 2.4ghz band,BUT after setting up manually the 5Ghz band,the router sends the 5ghz band from a channel and the extender repeats it on another channel,also the 5Gghz led never turns green,and after a few days both catch up in the same channel but the 5ghz in the extender drops,in the configuration page says its connected but it doesnt repeat the signal,if i reset the extender then enter the ssid and MAC for the 5ghz it repeats the signal but in the page says disconnected,(same thing happens if i setup the extender using the wps button), and the problem stated above repeats,thats why i called to customer service and they told me that i need to return the "faulty" one and receive a new one,but the result its the same.

I've searched the internet,and theres no response about this,also my ISP doesnt allow to change the channel and width on the 5ghz band,only the ssid,channel is on auto and the width is on 20 mhz. Thanks.

Firmware Version: 3.14.2 Build 160329 Rel.38287n
Hardware Version: RE200 v1 00000000