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    Lightbulb TP Link Load Balancer TL-R480T+ Failover to Load Balance/combining two different WAN

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    Hi all,

    I have a TP Link Load Balancer TL-R480T+ configured as failover. Now, I want to reconfigure the settings to load balance again. I tried several steps taken from some research but still I cant combine 2 different WANS. I also put the status on link backup as INACTIVE. But when I checked the internet speed, it is still the same ( by the way my WAN1 is bayantel with 10mbps and WAN2 is globe with 20 mbps.) I still get the speed of bayantel wich is 10mbps. My question now is how do I reconfigure my loadbalancer back to load balance and combine the two different WAN.

    I hope someone with greater knowledge can help me.

    Thank you.

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    Guys, is it possible to join 2 different WANS with different ISP and different IP addresses?

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    Of course it can support that. Please refer to this FAQ.


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