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    RE200 no IPv6 support

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    Why don't you enable IPv6 forwarding for the RE200?

    I have to disable IPv6 for my whole internet connection on my VR900v so that i have a stable connection with my smartphone through your RE200. It is not very modern to sell a product like that.
    I mean i found a ugly and unmodern workaround for that problem, but how many people with a native IPv6 connection are out there, not knowing that IPv6 is causing their instability and problems?!

    So please give us a firmware update which enables IPv6 forwarding.

    Here a small article from heise about that problem ( german language):


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    I agree, not supporting IPv6 today is baffling, and is just going to screw up more and more networks as people migrate to IPv6. A firmware update is needed, or a statement that none will be forthcoming.

    The documentation of supported features needs further detail, there are clearly users out there that know what this kind of thing is and need to know it before buying one of your products.


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