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    Question Configure td-w8970 as Range Extender (Wifi Repeater)

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    I wanna ask you if is possibile to configure the Tp-Lilnk TD-W8970 as range extender (repeater)?
    I tried and it works but it's not stable... slow connection (it's not a signal problem).
    I read the manual but I didn't find the range extender related section so I suppose it was not built for this function... is that correct?

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    I'm interested in this as well. I have a Netcom wireless NF10W as main router and would like to use my TP Link TD W8970 as wifi repeater. I tried enabling WDS in the TP Link settings but it does not seem to connect to my main router (it doesn't appear in the DHCP clients connected to the main router).
    I see in the following page that Repeater or Bridge mode is what I should be looking for: http://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-442.html
    However I can't see those options in my settings, I only see DSL, 3G/4G or wireless router. I have updated to the latest available firmware ( v0035.0 160816 Rel.35740n) to no avail.

    Is it possible to do that?

    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    Some progress. WDS now works.

    My setup is:
    - Router 1 (Netcom) connected to internet. LAN config: IP, mask, assigning addresses from to 20.99
    - Router 2 (TP Link) connected to the Wifi of router 1. LAN config: IP, mask, assigning addresses from to 20.199

    If I connect a computer in Wifi on router 2 (TP link), I can surf the internet and the speed is good. My computer actually gets an IP from the range of router 1, and shows in the DHCP leases on router 1 (Netcom). In fact the IP gateway is which is router 1. But, even though it appears to be on the same subnetwork as router 1, some of the services don't seem to work so well. For instance I can't see the other computers in iTunes shared library, or in the network window. So it looks like some of the autodiscovery / zeroconf type of services don't work, but, if I type the IP of another computer, than I can access it's shared drives.
    Any idea where I should look?

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