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    Problem on VPN600 and dyndns

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    I have 15 units to create a nation wide VPN and the client of DYN:COM on the unit is not refreshing IP Adress automaticaly

    i get on line using ip click on logout, then login and the ip is refreshed

    is there a fix or what can i do to resolve this issue

    (some of the locations have very poor internet and loose conection very often)

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    Do you mean the function of DDNS cannot work normally? Can you check the state on the DDNS server side when the issue happen?

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    Model : VPN600

    Hardware Version : v2

    Firmware Version : TL-R600VPN_V2_140801


    the ddns server is working ok, but the client on the router does not refresh the ip address, i get on the router and run manually the logout, then login on DDNS and the ip refresh


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    It looks like updates on old hardware do not work anymore. Dyn deactivated the update via the address Dyndns.org and only accepts updates via the address members.dyndns.com. The note can be found under Dynstatus.com on 12.6.2017. For me, over 40 Netgear routers are concerned (FVS318g, FVX538, FVS336G). I do not think Netgear released firmwareupdates here quickly. Probably these routers are now all scrap. One option is to install the Dyn software client on a PC behind the router. I think Dyn could have determined in advance, who runs routers, which perform an update via dyndns.org. An information by mail would not have been a problem before the shutdown. Thanks for nothing, Dyn!
    -------------------from dynstatus.com:
    Investigating - On June 12th, 2017, Dyn began performing maintenance on our Remote access and Standard DNS platform. As part of this maintenance, the dyndns.org redirect that many routers use for Remote Access hostname updates is no longer redirecting. Customers are encouraged to update their router configurations to point to members.dyndns.com instead of dyndns.org or dyn.com.
    Customers with questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to our Technical Support Team.


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