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    Question NC250 RTSP: First some error replies, then ok, but sometimes laggy

    Model : NC250

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 1.0.10_Build_160321_Rel.27531

    ISP : n/a


    I have 4 cameras of type
    NC250 V1
    Firmware: NC250_1.0.10_Build_160321_Rel.27531.bin

    in use.
    I connect to them using VLC Media Player (Windows) and 3rd Party App on iPad ONLY within my own LAN (no internet, no router!) with following URL:


    Two issues with that:
    1.) Almost always, when connecting there are some error replies from the camera, then after some seconds the video appears.
    VLC displays a error information dialog I have to confirm multiple times until it starts to work, very annoying.

    2.) The video and audio stream is sometimes laggy, although connected by wired LAN and configured the default frame rate of 15.
    No motion detection or any other possibly time consuming features enabled (I just need the normal video/audio stream).

    Any idea what I could try or how to fix this?

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