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    TPLINK TD-W8968(EU) - Wifi and Internet light Blinking, Unable to Connect Internet

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    Hi, Am using Tplink DSL Modem + router for the past 1 week.
    normally it works Good. When some devices connects to wifi (Even if they did not use wifi ),
    the Wifi light and internet light start blinking repeatedly.

    If this happen, Internet connection Status are OK in Desktop and tplink web portal.

    But Am unable to connect internet. Am getting response that "Connection timed out" while the status are OK.

    If i switched Off the wifi, it works fine. Even i tried resetting the Device, same issue occurs.
    Is this a Defective Device ?

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    The wifi and internet is suppose to blink if anyone using the internet. So it should be blinking.

    I got wifi problem as well with w8968. No response from tp link yet.

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    Hi, i have got the resolutiuon.
    Its actually the problem with bandwidth Control.
    I have enabled Bandwidth control with default "Line Rate" Values. Now the Problem resolved.

    Before i was unable to Browse websites ( Response: Connection Timed out) while uploaded something, now this too resolved enabling Bandwidth Control.


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