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    Angry Archer VR200v restarts WIFi Deutsche Telekom

    Model : Archer VR200v
    Hardware Version :
    Archer VR200v v1 00000000
    Firmware Version :
    0.8.0 0.25 v002f.0 Build 160809 Rel.52803n
    ISP :

    first - in the list I coudn't find the right device. So here are my parameters:

    My provider is Telekom.

    My issue:
    I bought week ago this router to change my asus router because of incompatiblity to my provider. TP router has a problem with mobile devices. For them wifi disables for few seconds and then enables. I do not have any parental control or something else turned on, just on setup I chose Telekom privat VDSL 50, it works with Annex B/J.

    I couldn't record the problem because it suddenly started to work good
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    Junior Member lord2k3 is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2017
    Hi Zero,

    I had an equal issue with little WLAN downs, maybe not 100% the same.

    My Effect:
    All connected users in WLAN were disconnected, but the Router (FritzBox) showed no disturb in the status or something like that. The time of the connection breaks could not be predicted, but it was very frequent

    My OnePlus (1) was the reason. Its disconnected all WLAN-users when it was in StandBy.

    I do not know exactly, believe any WLAN energy saving Settings.

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    Hi lord2k3,
    i though the same thing, but its not. I wrote the case to support, but their tip to set broadband and chanal of wifi manually didn't help. I think I will change router again because it doesn't probably work on smartphones. on my sony wifi disconnects and then reconnects, on my wifes samsung (as well as on samsung tablet) everything loads so slow during my dis/reconnection, on acer tablet the same as on sony.

    Here is a video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz...29LWVZUTGxNd2M


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