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Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :


Hi all!

I have range extender TL-WA850RE with below hardware and firmware:

Firmware version: 3.14.8 Build 140804 Rel 49655n
Hardware Version: WA850RE v1.2 00000000 ( (on the device box, it shows Ver1.23; but in web console shows 1.200000)

What upgrade is required for my device?
I am looking at TP-Link website and shows 3 upgrades for WA850RE. (V1.20_140826, V1.20_140310, V1.20_130922). Do I need to use any of these or all of these for upgrades?
Please help me select the right freeware version

If my device is wqorking correctly, do you guys recommend to update it anyway?

Thanks in advance!