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    EAP 220 not showing up in controller

    Model : EAP220

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : Online.nl[/COLOR]

    I am setting up a EAP220 for the first time: lan kabel from my router goes tp the ethernet port of the EAP220, power is on, laptop is connected to the SAME router, EAP Controller 2.4.7 installed, When I get to the main screen, I click on the ACCESS POINTS tab, but none shows up: no pending AP... Tried pressing the reset button on the AP, tried rebooting my laptop but to no avail... No antivirus can be blocking. Also tried the EAP Discover tool, no AP found either. What am I doing wrong???

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    In order for the discovery tool to work, your PC must be set to an IP in the subnet. Please RTFM if this is your first EAP you set up.

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    I have the same problem with a EAP 225 (already posted my own topic, but that needs to be approved before it shows up, wonder if you got this fixed so I can try that too.)

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    In my router's settings I went to DHCP settings and clicked "force available" for the MAC address of the EAP.
    It then showed up in the Connector and it's adopted and listed as Connected now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean0048 View Post
    In my router's settings I went to DHCP settings and clicked "force available" for the MAC address of the EAP.
    This creates a static DHCP lease. I'm old-school and never would use DHCP for stationary devices such as APs, routers, switches, PCs, servers. DHCP is useful for mobile devices only and static DHCP leases create an unnecessary dependency in the router running the DHCP server.

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    Oh... I just clicked around until something worked.
    I've got the new wifi adapter (and everything is working well) -- will see if I can undo the static lease and see if the EAP shows up now without one.. Thanks!


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