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    Angry TL-WA7510N V1 not working properly after some hours

    Model :

    Hardware Version : TL-WA7510N V1

    Firmware Version : 3.12.2 Build 121108 Rel.59207n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Dear All,

    I have installed two TL-WA7510N V1 520 meters away from each other. I have configured them as bridge with ap. I am sharing internet from site A to site B.
    It happens that after some time one of the antennas goes offline. I monitor them using ping. Signal level of remote antenna 25. channel 100. DHCP disabled on both antennas. My Mom every-time has to turn off the antenna and turn on for it to come online.
    Am I doing anything wrong? Why there is so many downtime's?

    Thank You for the help!
    WA7510N v1

    WA7510N v1

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    TP Link CPE510 is better.

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    Any idea whats wrong or how can I troubleshot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ermal View Post
    Any idea whats wrong or how can I troubleshot?
    I also had problems with these devices, one or both of them, they stopped responding and had to restart them ... it did not matter the way of working .... nor did they update the firmware, always permanent disconnections that required a reboot of the devices

    My solution was to change the firmware to DD-WRT and so far I have no problems, of course requires more adjustments to work, not just clicks as in Tp-Link, but now no problem at 850 meters away ...

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    i also have problem with tp-link, before i`ve bought 5 pcs tplink WA-5210G then buy another 3 pcs tp-link WA7210N, both had same problem, need restart device, cant support more than 5 users and it will start connection errors, no matter how do you setup, AP, AP-Router, repeater, all thing not working fine. its not stable, headache. and now im replace all of them with d-link ap and repeater all good, no need to restart for a month, nothing happens. The best device i`ve used is UBNT product.


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