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    Archer MR200 Cisco AnyConnect passthrough

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    I have a MR200 with a 4G connection. I am using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobilty Client for VPN connections to an office. It connects but doesn't receive any traffic/packets. Not much is showing in the MR200 logs.

    If I use my 4G connection using a USB dongle or using my iphone as a hotspot, etc, it works fine, so it's not the mobile operator with an issue. It's definitely the MR200.

    All VPN passthru options are enabled on the MR200 so should be allowing traffic.

    Any thoughts? Any other logs to see what could be getting blocked?


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    I had the same issue with IPSEC Passthrough. Try this beta Firmware and it should work:


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    Leg...wait for it...Legend!

    Spot on. Many thanks. Now working.

    Let's hope TP-Link add this to a general release.


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    glad to help you


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