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I installed an access point (TL-WA7210N) inside a warehouse but close to the entrance. I have excellent coverage within the warehouse and immediately outside the warehouse. I want the signal to get to the gates of the premises which is about 20 meters away. At the gates, my WiFi signal is very weak and I am not able to access the internet seamlessly.

I then purchased a TP-Link TL-ANT2412D omni directional outdoor antenna and connected it to the access point via pigtail cable. I changed the "antenna settings" to external antenna on the Wireless advanced configuration page but I still cannot get reliable signals by the gate.

A diagram of what my setup looks like is attached
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I have not mounted the antenna yet. I made the connections and walked out of the entrance of the warehouse for about 10m meters but i still did not get reliable signals even when i was just 5 meters away from the antenna.

Is there anyway to check that the antenna is actually working or is recognized by the access point?

Please is there something i am not doing or am doing wrong? Looking forward to hearing from someone.