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    Angry TP-Link WA855RE wifi extender

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    I bought a TPLINK wa855re wifi extender few weeks ago and since then has been trying to installed to ensure the stability of the wifi extender.

    I have used the latest firmware, in fact I have also re-installed the firmware based on April 2016. I have also changed the wifi channels to different channel, I tried 1, 3, 6, 11, and also moved this wifi extender around. But it only works for a while, sometimes a short time 5-10 minutes and sometimes it works for a day and it started to malfunction again, it just stopped working, the SSID still there but overtime you want to join, it asked password but cannot be joined even you have the right passwords. I have been trying for all sorts of way to get this stable but so far the problem still there. Is there any later firmware besides the one 14/4/2016 ? This version is not reliable, any updated version ? Or anybody can help ?




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    HI Desmond, which link that u download the latest firmware? which region u from?

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    all taiwan product so bad.


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