Model : NC450

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version : latest


Hi everyone,

I found a bug in the tpCamera iOS app (I can't confirm the same for the Android version).

Every time I activated motion detection there was an instant notification telling me that motion has been detected, even If there was no motion in the camera areas. It was really frustrating because there is a ridiculos monthly mail alert limit (TPLINK should remove it immediately) and I was afraid I was going to run out of alerts. I then figured out that it was linked to the OSD Time Stamp, it is active and the app detects the time changing (minute and/ or seconds) as a motion ("fortunately", it happens only when you activate the motion detection, but it is still a serious problem). It was easy to solve, I just deselected the area covering the date and time from the motion detection menu.

Another app bug regards the finger-scrolling direction when the camera is installed upside-down, even if you set the correct orientation, when you scroll the camera moves to the opposite direction!

I hope Tp Link is gonna solve those bugs it as soon as possible. I hope also to get a better app with more control possibilities and NO LIMIT for mail alerts.

Sorry for my English, it is not perfect!

Best wishes,