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    M7350 connected fine at home, but not on in Finland?

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    My TP-Link M7350 has been working absolutely fine. I've got a SIM card that has unlimited internet throughout Europe. However I am currently on holiday in Finland and it won't connect. I have enabled roaming.

    I'm trying to connect with my Android phone, two laptops, an iPad, but none of them get internet. Note that all these devices work fine with this M7350 when I'm at home.

    The display shows the signal is fine (4 bars) and the R for Roaming. But when I log into the admin section and look at the connection status, it says "connecting..." and then after a while "disconnected". Like this:

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    I have rebooted and turned it off and on again and re-connected numerous times. No difference. Tried different cellular networks (by selecting manually), no difference. Tried 3G, 4G, still no difference.

    Now I know for a fact it's NOT the signal or provider or the SIM card or anything, because if I put that SIM in my Android phone and enable roaming, it connects immediately and I have fast and stable 4G internet. When I setup a portable hotspot on my phone, other devices can also connect, no problem. But somehow my TP-Link M7350 Mobile Wi-Fi router doesn't connect.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hi TopKek,
    I have the same problem. Could you fix it?

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    M7350 Roaming

    I followed all the steps to enable roaming in my TP-LINK 4G LTE (M73500) but it doesn't work. Anyone has the same problem/solution?


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