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I live in a 2 story house which have individual self contained rooms with their own ring mains. I live in the top flat on the second floor. I have a problem with a weak WiFi signal, because the owners router is located on the ground floor at the rear of the house. I am looking to purchase a couple of TP Link Powerline Adapter kits such as the TL-WPA8630P KIT V2. I believe they are suitable for houses with weak WiFi signals. I notice in the information that the adapters have to be plugged into the same electrical circuit. I will be plugging the master into a socket next to the router on the ground floor, and another adapter on the first floor landing (these would be on the same circuit). Another adapter will be plugged into a socket in my room on the top floor. As the adapters uses the houses wiring would there be a problem if my room is on a different ring main to the main house? The only wiring that is common throughout the house is the earth and neutral, but not the live. Would this cause any problems?