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I recently purchased the CR700 to use with my 100mb Wow internet service. Initially, things seemed to run flawlessly. After a few days, I've noticed that I'm getting some lag where pages take 5-10 seconds to load sometimes. I go to the speedtest page for Wow and it tells me it failed the latency test. I've tried other speedtest sites like and the ping part of the test doesn't run. I contacted Wow and had them run tests on their end, and they say the signals all seem good and they do not see anything wrong from their side. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with this modem / router and Wow or not. Are there any sort of tuning settings I can get to with this router that I could use to help the situation? I've looked through all the advanced settings and not seeing anything there. Just to clarify, the machine I'm accessing from is a hard wired connection to the router so wifi is not a part of the equation here.