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    LB120 gets stuck after "sleep" mode

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    Hi - I've got an aftermarket app that allows me to use my TP Link bulbs in "sleep" mode. I set the bulb to the desired brightness then I tell it to turn off over a given time period, gently fading to off. It's a great feature, a very relaxing way to drift off to sleep.

    On the LB130 it works very well.

    On the LB120 it works, but when I try to turn the bulb on the next morning it accepts the command, shows as lit in the app but fails to light in real life. A power cycle will return it to normal operation.

    Is this a known firmware bug for the LB120? Will it be fixed any time soon?

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    Not exactly a busy board .

    The problem was not resolved after upgrading to the latest firmware version 1.2.3.


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